Welcome to   ..............." Stones N Bones"

While visiting Stones N bones We would like you to be relaxed , Enjoy the rustic atmosphere and feel free to take any path thru store you choose .

  Look into our "325 Gallon" aquarium upon entering the Door - the fish, they have no worries... and are very excited to see new and old friends alike.

 Then next,  If he is not sleeping or "refreshing" himself you will be greeted by the store mascot , My one and only son ..... "Shed Hunter Brown"  This was DAY 1 for him and he seemed to "fit in" jjjjust fine....

"Good boy".

(Now that he is growing bigger he thinks it is his job to inspect (and taste) every antler I own. NOW we just need to teach him to how to carve!!.)

Back on your path thru the store,

The walls, they are covered with  Antler lamps , Antler coat racks , Gun racks ,Rustic  Shelves and other beautiful home furnishings .

The showcases   sparkle with Antler carvings , Antler jewelry ,Silver/Gold Wildlife Jewelry and Stones tools .

Even From the Ceilings hang various types of chandeliers to help guide your way through the store.

So please take the time and take a closer look of all the very unique Items we have to offer . And after your visit or purchase please sign our guestbook to let us know you were here - It means the world to me to know you stopped in our gallery. Thank you and we hope you stop by again soon.    Jack

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Antler Jewelry

Antler Lamps and Home furnishings

Stone Tools

Silver Wildlife and Spiritual Jewelry


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