"Antler Jewelry"

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                                                                         " Butterflies"

    Antler Butterfly Pendant carved from whitetail pedicle: $65.00

Moose Antler hair comb : $200.00     Heart: $80.00

                                                  "Black Bear claw Necklace"

       MINI-BLACK BEAR Skull , 2" long Carved from Deer Antler, It is strung with all 20 Black Bear claws, genuine black onyx beads, Black Bear knuckle bones and Silver lobster clasp . Price $600.00 SOLD !!  (Orders only)


                             " Miscellaneous Pendants"

 yin-yang's $30.00          Hummingbirds $75.00-$125.00

Wizards : $50.00       Moon and Star pendant: $40.00


                                                             "Belt Buckles"

                                             Elk Antler Belt buckle  

 Eagle : $125.00  - Orders only       Indian Chief  $150.00



                                                           "Commission Jewelry"





Full antler carvings

Antler Lamps and Rustic home furnishings

Stone Tools

Silver Wildlife and Spiritual Jewelry


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