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Click the thumbnail pictures for larger views.

8K version Hummingbird pendant,Carved from a slice of moose antler This is the first in a series to be casted in silver and gold. click on image for more info.
Click for larger view. Hummingbird and Honeysuckle Cameo, with natural necklace.
Hummingbird Earrings, 14k French hooks.
3-d Single Hummingbird Pendant, Antler
Hummingbird Chain, "Y" Pendant (twisting honeysuckle) and Earring Set. Natural garnet and malachite represent the eastern ruby-throated humming bird. (14k French hooks)

Blue and Gold Macaw Necklace, natural sodalite and citrine.

3-D Butterfly Pendant (gold chain not included)
Butterfly "Y" Pendant and Earring Set, natural peridot & citrine stones. Earrings not shown.
Butterfly and rose pendent.

Indian Chief Statue: large antler.
Indian Chief key chain
Indian Chief Necklace.
Native American knife

Bearded Man Head. Could be a necklace or letter opener.
Bearded Man pendant and chain. Natural black onyx and peridot.
Arrow Head Man.
Young indian cameo.
Dragon Skull Pendant. >
Pierced Face Pendant and Necklace.
keychain .
keychains or necklaces

Green Sea Turtle .
Baby Emperor Penguin.
Baby Frog on Lilly Pad.
Baby Hammerhead Shark.

Moon and Star Pendant, leather strap included.
Sun Pendant and Necklace with natural amber.
Joshua Tree Pendant, leather strap included.
Racoon: necklace or broach
wolf scene on moose antler.
Malard duck landing on water

Heart Pendant and Necklace.
Twist Pendant Necklace.
Hollow Twist Pendant Necklace.
Ying Yang Pendant and Necklace, black onyx and howlite.
choker with carved flame and opal
Sling shot w/oak leaf and acorn.
Spiral twist
Mushroom necklace
Napkin rings
flower and twisting vine ring size 6 1/2 - 7
flower with tiny hummingbirds

"Spike" the Gorgoyle- (he lives in virginia now)-Just hangin~ out.

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